Media coverage, 20 May 2024 ‎ITV Anglia, 15 May 2024 ‎Local dogs to help early diagnosis of bowel cancer, 14 May 2024 ‎Local charity in Milton Keynes needs help with life-saving dogs, 10 May 2024 ‎BBC Morning Live, 15 March 2024 ‎Mirror People’s Pet Awards – Incredible Asher can sniff out ways to help

Day 4 LIVE | Crufts 2024 – YouTube 10 March 2024

Crufts – Series 12: Episode 11 | Channel 4 starts at 01:19:57, 20 February 2024 ‎Queen Camilla has celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Medical Detection Dogs charity, 20 February 2024 ‎Queen urges greater use of medical detection dogs for conditions such as cancer, 20 February 2024 ‎Queen meets medical detection dogs as she calls for greater use in cancer diagnosis, 20 February 2024 ‎Queen Camilla welcomes four-legged friends to special reception at London home, 20 February 2024 ‎Queen Camilla is delighted by Labrador puppies as she hosts reception for a charity training dogs to detect illnesses at Clarence House, 20 February 2024 ‎Queen Camilla urges greater use of medical detection dogs while King Charles is treated for cancer, 20 February 2024 ‎The Nine – 20/02/2024, 2 February 2024 ‎This Morning – Series 36 – Episode 24 – ITVX 10.55, 2 February 2024 ‎Blue Peter Gladiators, Super Dogs and Here At Last, 28 December 2023 ‎How it would have been impossible for this bride to walk down the aisle without her life-saving labrador Douglas, 21 December 2023 ‎WOOF My amazing dog gives me a seven-minute warning before I black out – your pet could have this incredible hidden skill, 10 December 2023 ‎Comforting the ill and guiding the blind: These amazing service dogs all have very important jobs, 4 December 2023 ‎Calming anxiety and detecting allergies: a celebration of UK service dogs – in pictures, 10 November 2023 ‎BBC Breakfast (1 hour 53 mins), 31 August 2023 ‎Woman’s rare condition means she loses consciousness every day – sometimes every hour, 31 August 2023 ‎David and Beau, courtesy of ITV News, 3 August 2023 ‎Dog ‘enriches’ owners life by warning her when she is going to have a seizure, 24 July 2023 ‎Sniffing out cancer with animal noses, 19 June 2023 ‎MK based charity CEO receives OBE, 16 June 2023 ‎Governor at Aylesbury school and three Vale residents included in King’s first ever Birthday Honours List, 14 June 2023 ‎That’s a good boy! Primary school teacher with severe fainting disorder says her medical detection dog has changed her life, 5 June 2023 ‎Dogs saving lives: The amazing Medical Detection Dogs…and more are coming to Northampton, 23 May 2023 ‎Goodwoof (40 mins), 24 April 2023 ‎Dr Xand’s Con or Cure (35 mins 2 seconds), 5 April 2023 ‎BBC Breakfast viewers distracted by ‘amazing’ dog who steals the show, 13 March 2023 ‎Medical Detection Dogs Display Part One | Crufts 2023, 13 March 2023 ‎Medical Detection Dogs Display Part Two | Crufts 2023, 13 March 2023 ‎Medical Detection Dogs Display Part Three | Crufts 2023

Motability Lifestyle magazine Spring 2023, 24 January 2023 ‎Aylesbury Vale’s amazing Medical Detection Dogs break Guinness World Record for sniffing out diseases, 20 January 2023 ‎How Can These Dogs Smell Diseases? – Guinness World Records, 31 October 2022 ‎Morning Live (9 mins 30), 17 October 2022 ‎Instant Genius: Medical Detection Dogs, Dr Claire Guest on Apple Podcasts, 7 October 2022 Medical assistance dogs ‘not only life-changing but life-saving’, 28 September 2022 Ruff day? Dogs can detect if people are stressed, research finds, 4 September 2022 SUPAWHERO! My dog smells when I’m about to collapse, my heart condition could kill me & he’s given my life back, 24 August 2022 State-of-the art new building for sniffer dog charity near Milton Keynes and Buckingham, 15 July 2022 Five dogs honoured for years of service to British public, 28 June 2022 Puppy socialisers needed for Buckingham sniffer dog charity, 26 April The One Show (2 min 08), 22 March ‘My dog sniffs out my seizures before they happen – she saves my life every day’

Crufts 2022, 13 March 2022 MDD Crufts Demo

skynews, 17 January Training Manager at Medical Detection Dogs, Chris Allen, and Impy join #KayBurley to discuss how dogs could be used to detect diseases such as cancer and malaria in humans

Jeremy Vine On 5, 17 January You’ve heard of the Avengers – now meet Alf, Poppy, Coco, Hershey, Imperial and Max, 14 January 2022 Trust me, I’m a dog-tor! Charity training dogs to spot diseases introduces first specially-bred pups qualified to sniff out illnesses including Covid

Steph’s Packed Lunch, 24 January 2022 Courtesy of Channel 4, 17 January 2022 Patter of tiny paws as Aylesbury Vale charity welcomes six new assistance dogs into the world, 5 January 2022 Sniffer dog trained in Aylesbury Vale has changed the life of woman with chronic illness, 14 December 2021 Colchester canines coached to catch Covid, 23 November 2021 Prepare to be stopped and sniffed at charity Christmas Fayre near Buckingham, 19 November 2021 Specially trained Covid-19 detection dogs on duty in Milton Keynes to sniff out coronavirus, 7 November 2021 Incredible Labrador saved owner’s life by sniffing out her breast cancer, 5 November 2021 Video: Meet Ivan, the medical alert assistance dog in-training, 11 August 2021 Guernsey dogs learn to detect coronavirus and cancer in humans, 31 July 2021 I thought my dog was annoying – but he was trying to save my life, 13 June 2021 ‘I was too scared to leave home as I couldn’t even stand without fainting’, 6 June 2021 I’m training my dog to go on to save people’s lives, 3 June 2021 COVID odour in socks detectable by dogs, 25 May 2021 The Economist (podcast), 24 May 2021 BBC Newscast

BBC 2, 24 May 2021 Victoria Derbyshire, 24 May 2021 Dogs sniffing out Covid proven to be more accurate than lateral flow tests

The Independent, 24 May 2021 Dogs can sniff out Covid with 94% accuracy

Evening Standard, 24 May 2021 Trained dogs can sniff out coronavirus with up to 94% accuracy – study, 24 May 2021 Faster than a PCR test: dogs detect Covid in under a second, 24 May 2021 Trained dogs can detect odour of COVID-19 with accuracy rate of up to 94% – study, 24 May 2021 Early research suggests dogs might be able to sniff out Covid-19 infections, 24 May 2021 Just common scents: Sniffer dogs best at detecting Covid-19 infection, 24 May 2021 Super-sniffer dogs detect Covid with 94 per cent accuracy, UK study suggests, 24 May 2021 Sniffer dogs being used to detect Covid show they truly are a man’s best friend, 24 May 2021 Specialist dogs can sniff out Covid ‘94% of the time’, new research reveals, 24 May 2021 Sniffer dogs are 94% accurate at detecting Covid – far better than rapid tests and could be deployed at airports, workplaces and public events to find people who don’t realise they are infected, 24 May 2021 Covid: Sniffer dogs can detect virus with ‘up to 94% accuracy’, 24 May 2021 Covid: Sniffer dogs could bolster screening at airports, 27 April 2021 People Fixing the World – The detection dogs tracking poachers and Covid-19, 7 April 2021 Stapleford woman has to learn to walk and talk again every time she wakes from a blackout, 6 April 2021 After years of sleepless nights, our medical detection dog gave me and my son our lives back, 25 March 2021 “My wet nosed life saver” Dog detects owner’s neurological attacks, 20 March 2021 Looking for a feel-good adventure this summer? We’ve got just the thing – and it’s even Covid-safe, 3 March 2021 MEET THE SUPER DOGS: 5 CANINE HEALTH HEROES AND THEIR EXTRAORDINARY STORIES, 1 March 2021 The Metro Lifeline charity campaign is back and this year we need you – and your dog – to help out!, 18 February 2021 ‘Robotic nose’ could be created after detection dogs sniff out lethal cancer, 18 February 2021 ‘Robotic nose’ could be created to detect prostate cancer, 18 February 2021 Dogs from Milton Keynes charity trained to sniff out prostate cancer, 18 February 2021 Dogs that can SMELL prostate cancer could inspire ‘robotic noses’ to sniff out the disease, study reveals, 18 February 2021 Dogs trained to sniff out prostate cancer lend helping paw to crucial research, 18 February 2021 Milton Keynes’ cancer-sniffing dogs can detect most lethal form of prostate cancer, new study shows, 18 February 2021 46 mins in, 12 December 2020 ‘Covid-19 has an odour, and the dogs are detecting it’: meet the canine super-squad sniffing out the virus, 04 December 2020 Dogs can find everything from hedgehogs to water leaks to Covid-19, 05 November 2020 Airport dogs offer ‘almost 100% accurate’ covid detection ‘five days earlier than tests’, 05 November 2020 Sniffer dogs have a better nose for Covid than tests, 27 October 2020 Camilla hails dogs that sniff out virus in half a second, 27 October 2020 Pawfectly stylish! Camilla dons a royal blue suit and floral mask as she joins Matt Hancock at Paddington Station to see the work of COVID-sniffing dogs in action, 27 October 2020 Health minister Lord Bethell reveals he is ‘extremely hopeful’ sniffer dogs will eventually be used to detect Covid-19 at airports and busy venues, 27 October 2020 First trial at train station for dogs that can smell Covid-19 in humans, 24 October 2020 Meet the guide dogs being trained to ‘sniff out coronavirus’ in £500,000 trial, 19 October 2020 Guide dogs retrained to join elite coronavirus detection team, 16 October 2020 Guide dogs being retrained to detect COVID-19 in public places, 15 October 2020 Guide dogs retrain as Covid-19 detection dogs, 15 October 2020 Coronavirus: Unsuitable guide dogs set to detect Covid-19, 8 October 2020 Super Dogs | This Morning, 1 October 2020 Can Dogs Detect Coronavirus? | This Morning, 18 September 2020 Millie Harries, Volunteer speaker in Kent & Sussex. Afternoons on BBC Radio Kent. from 40:00 to 57.05 (music Street Life 53:14-57:00), 24 September 2020 The pooches who could paws coronavirus! They can famously sniff out disease in humans. Now, as Helsinki airport trials Covid-hunting hounds, meet the clever British dogs being trained to come to our rescue here, 14 September 2020 ‘OUR WONDER DOG’ Ally the chocolate labrador saves my kids’ lives every single day — she’s amazing, 14 September 2020 Woman cycles equivalent height of Everest for charity, 10 September 2020 Duchess of Cornwall praises ‘game-changing’ trial in fight against COVID-19, 9 September 2020 Camilla visits Medical Detection Dogs in Milton Keynes, 9 September 2020 Duchess Camilla Wore a Face Shield to Pet COVID-Sniffing Dogs, 9 September 2020 Duchess of Cornwall hails ‘game-changing’ medical detection dogs learning to sniff out Covid-19, 9 September 2020 Duchess Camilla swaps her face mask for a protective visor for new appearance, 9 September 2020 The dogs which could identify coronavirus in humans, 9 September 2020 MAN’S BEST FRIEND Camilla hails ‘game-changer’ Covid sniffer dogs that could save ‘thousands of lives’, 8 September 2020 London NHS staff join trial to see if ‘super sniffer’ dogs can detect coronavirus

BBC Points West, 8 September 2020 (9 Mins 9 Sec), 20 August 2020 KGH lands major role in Covid-19 sniffer dog trial, 20 August 2020 NHS staff sign up for Milton Keynes-based charity’s COVID sniffer dog trials, 20 August 2020 NHS staff take part in trial to see whether dogs can sniff out coronavirus, 20 August 2020 NHS staff sign up to Covid-19 sniffer dog trial, 20 August 2020 NHS staff at Kettering hospital in trial to help dogs sniff out Covid-19, 20 August 2020 Coronavirus in the UK: NHS staff join trial to see whether dogs can sniff out Covid-19 and prevent second wave, 14 August 2020 Our dogs could sniff out covid-19! Medical Detection Dogs chief appears on national podcast to say how charity can help stop the spread COVID-19 detection dogs trial launches, 13 August 2020 Could dogs sniff out Covid-19?, 12 August 2020 These Incredible Dogs Are Being Trained To Sniff Out Covid-19, 11 August 2020 Bucks Healthcare Trust helping with Coronavirus trial, 10 August 2020 RUFF & READY Meet the elite sniffer dogs trained to hunt Covid ‘super-spreaders’ by smelling patients’ SOCKS, 10 August 2020 These dogs are being trained to sniff out coronavirus, 9 August 2020 Bucks hospital staff take part in major trial – to see if dogs can sniff out coronavirus, 6 August 2020 Scientists behind trial of coronavirus-sniffing dogs issue plea for worn T-shirts and socks from patients with Covid-19 symptoms, 5 August 2020 Meet Jasper, the rescue dog being trained by scientists to sniff out Covid-19, 2 August 2020 Call for Britons to help these six incredible dogs being trained to detect coronavirus, 25 July 2020 The wonder dogs who are dedicated to looking after the sick, 3 July 2020 Coronavirus: Sniffer dogs trial going ‘very well’, 21 June 2020 Winning by a nose: the dogs being trained to detect signs of Covid-19 The Travel Show 21. The Future of Flying. (5 mins 30). Courtesy of BBC The Travel Show New Effort Hopes To Train Dogs To Sniff Out COVID-19 | NBC Nightly News, 16 May 2020 Dogs will be trained to spot coronavirus before symptoms appear, says government, 16 May 2020 Dogs will be trained to spot coronavirus before symptoms appear, says government, 16 May 2020 Sniffer dogs that can detect asymptomatic coronavirus carriers could screen 250 people an hour, 16 May 2020 ‘COVID DOGS’: Government backs canines to ‘sniff out’ coronavirus before symptoms emerge, 16 May 2020 Specially trained ‘Covid detection dogs’ set to sniff out coronavirus, 16 May 2020 COVID-19 detection dogs trial launches, 16 May 2020 Government trials ‘Super Six’ sniffer dogs to detect coronavirus among public, 16 May 2020 Government backs bid to train dogs to diagnose coronavirus, 16 May 2020 ‘COVID dogs’ could sniff out up to 250 people an hour for coronavirus, 16 May 2020 Dogs to be trained to sniff out coronavirus carriers, 16 May 2020 UK researchers hope dogs can be trained to detect coronavirus, 16 May 2020 Coronavirus: Trial begins to see if dogs can ‘sniff out’ virus, 16 May 2020 Dr Claire Guest on BBC Breakfast. Courtesy of BBC., 27 April 2020 Here’s how dogs could help detect coronavirus in people, 22 April 2020 Dr Claire Guest talks about COVID-19 Dogs on BBC Radio 4 Today. (1 hour 25 mins in), 22 April 2020 Dogs trained to detect malaria through the smell of your socks, 22 April 2020 Coronavirus: Sniffer dogs could be trained to detect Covid-19 in people, 22 April 2020 Coronavirus: Dogs being trained to find passengers with COVID-19 at airports, 22 April 2020 Coronavirus: Could sniffer dogs soon be used to test people?, 22 April 2020 Dogs being trained to sniff out coronavirus at airports, 22 April 2020 Why dogs could be key workers in the fight against coronavirus, 22 April 2020 Coronavirus: Dogs are being trained to sniff out passengers with COVID-19 at UK airports, 22 April 2020 Dogs being trained to sniff out coronavirus in passengers arriving at UK airports

ITV This Morning, 14 April 2020, 14 April 2020 Medical dogs charity says trained pets could learn to spot coronavirus in just half a SECOND – and could be used to sniff out the disease at airports and train stations when lockdown ends, 14 April 2020 I believe my dog’s nose saved my life, 2 April 2020 Dogs being trained to smell coronavirus need £1,000,000 to help fight disease, 30 March 2020 Coronavirus could be ‘sniffed’ out by dogs, experts say, 30 March 2020 Dogs trained in Bucks could help with coronavirus fight, 29 March 2020 Can dogs sniff out COVID-19?, 29 March 2020 CORONAVIRUS: DOGS COULD BE USED TO SNIFF OUT ILLNESS IN ‘AS LITTLE AS SIX WEEKS’ TIME’, 28 March 2020 Hero dogs in training to sniff out coronavirus – even in those showing NO symptoms, 27 March 2020 Dogs being trained to smell coronavirus to help in battle against disease, 27 March 2020 Coronavirus: Dogs are being trained to ‘sniff out’ Covid-19 symptoms, 28 March 2020 Could dogs diagnose coronavirus with a sniff?, 27 March 2020  Sniffer dogs could be used to detect cases of coronavirus at airports as researchers launch six week project to discover if canines can smell the infection, 27 March 2020  Coronavirus: Dogs to be trained to detect virus

AMERICA –, 30 March 2020 Dogs Are Being Trained To Sniff Out Coronavirus

AUSTRALIA –, 30 March 2020 Scientists are training dogs to sniff out coronavirus in bid to slow deadly pandemic

MIDDLE EAST –, 29 March 2020 These dogs are helping ‘sniff out’ COVID-19 for scientists

INDIA –, 29 March 2020 UK charity trying to train dogs to smell coronavirus

JAKARTA –, 27 March 2020 Dogs being trained to sniff out COVID-19: Charity

ST LUCIA –, 27 March 2020 Dogs being trained to sniff out COVID-19: charity

PHILIPPINES –, 27 March 2020 Dogs being trained in London to detect COVID-19, 12 March 2020  Highland pup Bramble is leader of Crufts pack, 6 March 2020  Cancer detection dogs to turn their noses onto other canines for the first time, in trial launching at Crufts, 4 March 2020  This Labrador can smell when her diabetic owner’s blood sugar drops dangerously low, 10 February 2020  Puppy training centre devastated as Storm Ciara rips roof off building, 22 January 2020 Deborah Meaden on animals, innovation and the sectors to watch, 18 November 2019  College gets infectious at November’s Imperial Lates, 3 October 2019  Doctor Dogs. Meet the incredible ‘doctor dogs’ who can sniff out cancer, anxiety, and superbugs! #9Today Australia., 23 August 2019  Meet the dogs who can diagnose cancer, malaria and Parkinson’s disease, 15 August 2019  Detector dogs can sniff out bacteria that cause lung damage in cystic fibrosis sufferers before it takes hold, study reveals, 15 August 2019 Hero dogs can sniff out cystic fibrosis before it takes hold, 15 August 2019  Lung damage bacteria sniffed out by dogs in cystic fibrosis research, 15 August 2019  Lung damage bacteria sniffed out by dogs in cystic fibrosis research, 15 August 2019  Lung damage bacteria sniffed out by dogs in cystic fibrosis research, 15 July 2019  “I wanted to prove that dogs could detect disease & one saved my life” Dr Claire Guest from Medical Detection Dogs in Bucks. Tara Dolby brings you the People’s Playlist – Life stories through music., 10 July 2019  FURLOCK HOLNES Ex-cop hunts down kidnapped dogs as crooks target pets up and down the UK, 8 July 2019  Dogs With Jobs: Meet the medical detection dogs giving chronically ill people back their lives, 29 June 2019  Sniffing out cancer, transforming autistic children’s lives and even warning about imminent seizures: The miracle dogs who do what doctors cannot, 22 June 2019  Woman who can be killed by allergy to own HAIR saved by dog that smells danger, 20 June 2019  Clive the life saving dog, 20 June 2019 Hypo alert dog was denied access into taxi, 17 June 2019 Oscar and Hooch celebrates 10 years with Medical Detection Dogs, 6 June 2019 What Does a Medical Alert Dog Do?, 12 June 2019 Fetching Findings for the Use of Dogs in Malaria Detection: Public Health Watch, 2 June 2019 Meet the life-saving Labrador who has rescued Nottingham’s Natasha 122 times, 18 May 2019 Medical Detection Dogs benefit from extra cash, 11 May 2019 Labrador puppy alerts owner to undetected breast cancer ‘before it was too late’, 11 May 2019 Rescue dog Molly turns sleuth as former policeman trains her to find lost cats, 8 May 2019 Clive the dog is a medical hero as he warns owner when to take medication, 7 May 2019  MK based Cancer-fighting dogs honoured as movie stars, 6 May 2019  Need to trace your missing cat? Call canine, nine, nine!, 25 April 2019  Can a dog sniff out malaria from socks?, 25 April 2019  Clent Hills Vets supporting ‘super dogs’ which can smell cancer

BBC South East, 18 April 2019  Animal OBE for Medical Alert Assistance Dog Pal, 11 April 2019 Dogs Sniff Out Cancer 18 Months Before Medical Tests, 21 March 2019 Buckinghamshire charity Medical Detection Dogs receives large donation from People’s Postcode Lottery, 14 March 2019 Medical Detection Dogs gains lottery boost, 14 March 2019 Millie and Biddy interview on the Dominic King Show, BBC Kent (Listen from 1:30:56), 13 March 2019 Alert dogs may help diabetic patients manage insulin levels, 11 March 2019 Dr Miriam Stoppard: Man’s best friend can help sniff out illness, 1 March 2019 Oscar and Hooch partners with Medical Detection Dogs, 25 February 2019 Medical detection dogs can smell a ‘hypo’, 20 February 2019 Camilla meets some very good boys who help to save their owners’ lives, 20 February 2019 Camilla meets alert dogs opening new Medical Detection Dogs centre & visits refuge in Milton Keynes, 20 February 2019 Duchess sees medical alert dogs in action, 20 February 2019 Puppy play date! Duchess of Cornwall looks elegant in a green coat as she meets some furry friends at the opening of a new Medical Detection Dogs centre, 18 February 2019 Medical detection dogs can sniff out diabetes, 16 February 2019 BBC Essex interview with Elizabeth and Medical Alert Assistance Dog Henry, 16 February 2019 Medical News Today: How a dog can make it easier to manage diabetes, 23 January 2019 Medical alert dogs can detect odours as dilute as a TEASPOON of sugar in two Olympic-sized swimming pools, 15 January 2019 Medical detection dogs lick their diabetic owner’s face when they smell signs of a deadly hypo on their breath – and are correct 83% of the time, 15 January 2019 Medical detection dogs help diabetes patients regulate insulin levels, 2 January 2019 Meet the Mag-sniff-icent Seven: These amazing dogs’ ability to smell out microscopic particles of diseases’ signature odours is giving hope to millions of sufferers, 31 December 2018 Disease detection dogs with nose for trouble can save those with Parkinson’s and cancer, 17 December 2018 Golfers chip in for detection dogs charity, 16 December 2018 Dog trained to save owner who can collapse into coma without any warning, 5 November 2018 Dogs Can Detect Malaria. How Useful Is That?, 30 October 2018 Dogs trained to detect malaria victims could be posted at UK ports, 30 October 2018 MALARIA BREAKTHROUGH: Sniffer dogs trained to detect disease in children, 30 October 2018 Sniffer dogs able to detect malaria in people by smelling socks, study finds, 30 October 2018 Dogs detect malaria by sniffing children’s socks, 29 October 2018 Sniffing it out: Dogs being used in fight against malaria, 29 October 2018 Sniffer dogs can detect MALARIA in socks used by humans with 70 per cent accuracy in world first, 29 October 2018 Dogs can detect malaria by sniffing people’s socks, 29 October 2018 Who let the dogs out? Canines sniff out malaria with 70 per cent accuracy, 29 October 2018 Malaria sniffed out by dogs in sock-smelling trial, 29 October 2018 Malaria: Sniffer dogs to help in fight to eradicate disease 29 October 2018 Dogs sniffing out human disease could lead to new biosensor technology, 29 October 2018 Hunt the malaria bug – a new game for sniffer dogs, 29 October 2018 Dogs can sniff out malaria parasites on your clothes, 21 October 2018 Natural born life savers: Inspiring diary of puppies Tala and Nel as they learn to harness their unique ability to sniff out diseases from cancer to Parkinson’s, 17 October 2018 Prince Charles to guest edit Country Life in November, with Duchess of Cornwall to be one of the writers, 17 October 2018 Charles to guest edit Country Life to mark 70th birthday, 3 October 2018 Scentimental: The link between fragrance and mental health

Cbeebies, 14 September 2018 Cbeebies episode featuring Yasmine and Medical Alert Assistance Dog Nano, 7 September 2018 Girl, 11, will get life-saving dog to keep her safe at night!, 24 August 2018 Guernsey puppies to be trained to detect diseases, 23 August 2018 Dogs to be trained to detect bowel cancer in UK medical trial, 22 August 2018 Sniffer dogs in East Yorkshire hospitals bowel cancer trial, 21 August 2018 Medical Detection Dogs – the science behind the sniff

YouTube 15 August 2018 Claire and Magic interview with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 Part 1

YouTube 15 August 2018 Claire and Magic interview with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 Part 2, 9 August 2018 Meet the Wonder Dogs changing lives in Bucks, 4 August 2018 Woman whose dog detected her breast cancer now trains pups to diagnose deadly diseases, 4 August 2018 Dog rescued from Korean slaughterhouse saves human lives sniffing out deadly diseases, 26 June 2018 Cancer detecting dogs are out of the ‘quackery box’ – and it’s about time, 22 June 2018 Local running club support Medical Detection Dogs charity, 6 June 2018 The Queen and The Duchess of Cornwall meet Medical Detection Dogs, 6 June 2018 ‘He’s clearly very clever’: Queen praises pooches trained to detect cancer at a dog charity event with Camilla – and tells one owner ‘I’m sure you can’t imagine life without him’, 6 June 2018 The dogs which showed the Queen and Camilla how they can sniff out cancer, 6 June 2018 You Have to See These Photos of Queen Elizabeth and Camilla with the Most Adorable Puppies, 6 June 2018 Queen and Camilla see dogs sniff out serious illnesses, 6 June 2018 Queen and Duchess of Cornwall meet Medical Detection Dogs, 6 June 2018 Queen and Duchess of Cornwall watch detection dogs in action, 6 June 2018 Glowing Queen attends medical detection dogs charity event with the Duchess of Cornwall, 6 June 2018 The Queen & Camilla carry out joint engagement to celebrate Medical Detection Dogs, 6 June 2018 Queen and Camilla see dogs sniff out serious illnesses, 6 June 2018 Camilla Duchess of Cornwall in spotty skirt while Queen wears diamonds and sapphires, 6 June 2018 Beaming Queen looks elegant in blue as she is accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall to attend dog charity’s 10th anniversary celebrations at the Royal Mews, 6 June 2018 Queen looks super-excited as she watches life-saving medical detection dogs, 5 June 2018 These pet-friendly, UK firms are in the race to win £75,000 prize, 3 June 2018 Labrador teaches us to sniff out cancer, 17 May 2018 Dr Miriam Stoppard: Dogs can diagnose cancer by its smell – yes, pretty amazing, 12 May 2018 Meet the six inspiring and life-saving pooches on our Hero Dog awards shortlist, 26 April 2018 Clive the Cocker Spaniel has become a medical detection dog for his poorly owner, 19 April 2018 Oscar & Hooch and Medical Detection Dogs celebrate five-year partnership, 11 April 2018 Meet Labrador Domino who can tell when his diabetic owner Archie, 9, is ill — plus more of the early front-runners in our Hero Dog Awards, 23 March 2018 Rethink ‘Service Animals,’ Since Some Are Remarkable, 21 March 2018 Charities receive funds from Buckingham bingo nights,13 March 2018 The adorable dogs that could save millions of men by SNIFFING OUT prostate cancer, 11 March 2018 Cruel electric shock dog collars to be banned in England, 20 February 2018 Astor and Elinor welcomed to Rotary Club meeting, 20 February 2018 Call to ban ‘cruel’ dog shock collars that leave animals distressed, 13 February 2018 Tributes from celebrities to the dog who could smell cancer, 12 February 2018 Medical Detection Dog has saved life of owner with type 1 diabetes hundreds of times, 9 February 2018 Meet the incredible dog who’s saved her owner’s life HUNDREDS of times, 8 February 2018 Daisy the Milton Keynes ‘doctor dog’ dies after a lifetime spent sniffing out cancer on humans, 8 February 2018 RIP Daisy the award-winning dog changing the way cancer is detected, 6 February 2018 Bluecoat Sports Continued Commitment to Charities, 26 January 2018 Not to be sniffed at…, 18 January 2018 School steps in to support dogs that could one day save pupil’s life, 15 January 2018 Nominate an heroic dog, 8 January 2018 Could you be be foster parent to a puppy for Milton Keynes charity

BBC Radio 4 Inside Health, 2 January 2018 Can dogs smell cancer?, 30 December 2017 West Midlands Police dog handler impaled on fence . . . but STILL makes arrest, 24 December 2017 Hero dog: How ‘diagnosis’ Labrador has changed my life, 20 December 2017 South Herefordshire Golf Club supports Medical Detection Dogs, 5 December 2017 When the Duchess met ‘The Donald’: Laughing Camilla poses with a group dressed as the US president as she attends a charity day in London, 25 November 2017 “He does it all for a dog biscuit”: life-saving pooch portrait fetches £400 for charity, 24 November 2017 The dogs who could save your life: After breast cancer battle, ex-Tory leader’s wife Betsy Duncan Smith heard how they can detect her illness … now they’re learning to sniff out prostate cancer and diabetes too, 21 November2017 Meet the amazing dog who can warn his diabetic Purley owner if she is in danger of collapsing, 22 October 2017 Kent actor Shaun Williamson takes centre stage at Rotary regional conference, 19 October 2017 What the rabbi learned from his dogs, 16 October 2017 Top Kent charities make their mark, 13 October 2017 Dog who saves his owner from injury every day is nominated for an award, 12 October 2017 HONOURING OUR NHS HEROES Top honour for Dr Crossland – NHS cardiologist who saved one-minute old Chanel and 2,000 other babies, 11 October 2017 We hear from our judges and host and meet the medical professionals nominated in the The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Health Awards 2017, 10 October 2017 Davies on fund-raising case for detection dogs charity, 6 October 2017 Kate Humble: Rural people are ‘belittled’ by modern society, 5 October 2017 Fancy a 3D candy printer at your party? One is being auctioned off for charity, 2 October 2017 Diabetic gran who went into three comas a day ‘has her life back’ – thanks to this dog, 27 September 2017 Meet Eddie the medical alert dog who saves his owner’s life on a daily basis, 26 September 2017 TV dragon Deborah Meaden launches enterprising challenge for Milton Keynes charity, 6 September 2017 Bake a cake to help dogs diagnose disease!, 2 September 2017 From dogs who help diagnose deadly disease to pets who face terrifying situations – meet the Animal Heroes, September 2017 Dogs take a seat for Parliamentary Reception, September 2017 Hannah Molloy Talks to Adrian Goldberg Live on BBC Radio West Midlands, September 2017 De Bohun Lodge donates £2,500 to Medical Detection Dogs, 30 August 2017 Meet the Labrador Who Helped Us Learn Dogs Could Detect Cancer, 30 August 2017 Rise to the fund-raising challenge and help Medical Detection Dogs Save Lives., 24 August 2017 TAKING THE LEAD AT CONFERENCE, 19 August 2017 Your Dogs Sense Of Smell – Just How Good Is It, 9 August 2017 Dogs That Open Doors, 8 August 2017 Breast cancer miracle: ‘How my DOG spotted the disease and saved my life’, 3 August 2017 Medical sniffer dogs Can dogs detect early stage Parkinson’s disease?, 1 August 2017 Asha has a nose for success, 28 July 2017 Dogs diagnosing Parkinson’s… what’s the story? 25 July 2017 The founder of Milton Keynes-based Medical Detection Dogs shares her own incredible story in a new book, 19 July 2017 Dogs could sniff out Parkinson’s disease years before symptoms appear, 17 July 2017 Bucks charity training dogs to diagnose Parkinson’s disease, 17 July 2017 Dottie the diabetes dog is life-saver after sniffing out owner’s ‘hypos’, 12 July 2017 Dogs could sniff out Parkinson’s years before symptoms

BBC South Today, 11 July 2017 Sniffer dogs used to detect Parkinson’s disease, 11 July 2017 Dogs’ keen sense of smell could help identify people with Parkinson’s, 14 July 2017 Could Milton Keynes Detection Dogs sniff out cure for Parkinson’s disease?, 14 July 2017 Medical detection dog charity receives £33,200 donation thanks to Enfield care home, 14 July 2017 How a Lord, a rocker and a sitcom star saved hundreds of hounds from being boiled alive in the world’s cruellest dog farms (and how YOU can help), 10 July 2017 Sniffer dogs used to detect Parkinson’s disease. Dr Claire Guest explains how it works, 10 July 2017 Parkinson’s disease symptoms could be detected with THIS surprising test, 10 July 2017 Scientists To Teach Dogs To Sniff Out Parkinson’s Disease, 9 July 2017 Dogs’ keen sense of smell may hold key to curing Parkinson’s, Malaria and certain cancers, 9 July 2017 Dogs could sniff out Parkinson’s disease years before symptoms appear, 9 July 2017 Sniffer dogs on the scent to detect early signs of Parkinson’s disease, 7 July 2017 Amazing dogs can help detect disease, 6 July 2017 Medical Detection Dogs: The Pioneering Charity Teaching Dogs To Sniff Out Cancer In Seconds

kmfm news, 28 June 2017 A Kent children’s author Gerald Smythe’s “Barking Mad” is about a Diabetes alert dog who warns his owner when her blood sugar levels drop. Claire tells us about how Pal helps her, and how it feels to be in the new book, 20 June 2017 Medical Detection Dogs on display at Child Okeford Hey Day, 19 June 2017 Medical Detection Dogs need your votes, 16 June 2017 Medical dog Molly helps diabetic teen tackle 54-mile charity ride, 15 June 2017 M&S team up with Medical Detection Dogs charity, 12 June 2017 Medical Detection Dogs needs your votes to receive £25,000 from Bucks Freemasons, 10th June Man who trained Queen’s pooches saves his own dog from brutal South Korean meat farm, 4 June 2017 Amazing dogs changing lives for the better, 21 April 2017 Domino the dog saves Archie’s life everyday, 31 March 2017 Meet the cat detective, 17 March 2017 UNWELL SMELL Perfume guru Jo Malone reveals she ‘smelt’ her husband’s cancer before he was diagnosed with Addison’s, 17 March 2017 Perfume entrepreneur Jo Malone reveals she can SMELL CANCER thanks to her dyslexia, 15 March 2017 Millionaire scent boss with a nose so sensitive she can sniff out cancer: Jo Malone found to have same level of smell as dogs that identify diseases, 13 March 2017 How dogs could detect BOWEL cancer: Trial could speed up diagnosis of deadly disease, 13 March 2017 My dog Magic, the lifesaver

Victoria Derbyshire, 13 March 2017 The dogs trained to spot cancer, January 20 2017 South Korean Dogs Saved From Slaughter Could Become Cancer Sniffing Saviours With Medical Detection Dogs, 18 January 2017 Dogs saved from Korean meat trade hell safe in UK and ready for new lives, 4 January 2017 Could dogs soon be used to detect prostate cancer?

Sky News, 31 December 2016 Trial to see if dogs can detect prostate cancer in humans, 21 December 2016 The breathalyser that can sniff out 17 illnesses: £24 test can diagnose cancer and Parkinson’s with 86% accuracy, 9 December 2016 Only 3% of women can confidently name a symptom of ovarian cancer. This must change, 8 December 2016 Life-saving Labrador has stopped a diabetic woman from having more than 5,000 deadly seizures, 1 October 2016 Medical Detection Dogs: The Pioneering Charity Teaching Dogs To Sniff Out Cancer In Seconds

Itv this Morning, 23 August 2016 Bessie the dog sniffed out our daughter’s life-threatening disease, 7 August 2016 NOSE FOR TROUBLE ‘My dog has found 550 cancers.. and he saved my life’: Meet the amazing pooch that sniffs out killer disease, 3 August 2016 Shannen Doherty: Actress’ dog Bowie ‘detected her cancer’ before doctors diagnosed it, 19 July 2016 Diabetic relies on her detection dog’s sense of smell, 16 July 2016 Hero dogs who can detect cancer through smell alone

Buckingham Today, 14 July 2016 Detection Dogs founder tells her life story

BBC London, 14 July 2016 Radio interview with Claire Guest live with Jo Good on the Barking Hour, 12 July 2016 Meet Aster and Eleanor

Milton Keynes Citizen, 23 June 2016 National award for co-founder of local Medcial Detection Dogs charity

Malaria Detection Dogs BBC South Today, 15 June 2016 Animal Therapy: 7 Incredible Initiatives Helping To Change Lives, 2 June 2016 New malaria project for detection dogs, 31 May 2016 Dogs who could soon sniff out malaria – with help from Bill Gates, 27 May 2016 Dogs may be able to smell malaria in humans and help with quicker detection, scientists claim, 27 May 2016 Dogs can be used to detect cancers, Future Health Summit told, 12 April 2016 ‘She saved my life’ Dog owner reveals how her pet detected breast cancer, 12 April 2016 Man’s breast friend! Mum’s life is saved by her beloved terrier who sniffed out her breast cancer (and even told her when she was pregnant)

BBC Radio Kent Breakfast, 6 April 2016  (Available for 28 days), 29 March 2016 Thank goodness for the prostate cancer charities lobbying NICE and the NHS, 24 March 2016 Chester fundraising bash to back charity whose dogs can detect cancer, 22 February 2016 Dogs are good for your health, 18 February 2016 From land mines to cancer, animals’ incredible sense of smell is saving lives, 16 February 2016 The animals that sniff out TB, cancer and landmines

BBC Oxford News, 11 January 2016, 21 December 2015 Can a sniffer dog spot if I’ve got cancer? A Mail writer’s extraordinary experiment, 20 December 2015 Wonder dog Jade saves owner’s life hundreds of times, 16 December 2015 Dr Claire Guest appearance on the One Show, 14 December 2015 Meet Aster the medical detection dog who’s helped to turn one woman’s life around, 4 December 2015 We must not allow the Medical Detection Dogs’ reputation to be tarnished

CNN, 20 November 2015 Meet the dogs who can sniff out cancer better than some lab tests, 29 October 2015 One Woman’s Ability to Sniff Out Parkinson’s Offers Hope to Sufferers

BBC Online, 23 October 2015 The potential to sniff out disease, 18 October 2015 Winter’s tails: Lifesaver pet Maisie is special award winner, 2 October 2015 What is it about Labradors that makes them Britain’s favourite dog?, 19 September 2015 Use DOGS instead of doctors to save money on the NHS, says Tory minister, 17 September 2015 Peers in call for NHS trials to explore dogs’ ability to sniff out cancer
BBC Look East, 15 September 2015 Inaugural Conference on Bio-detection, 7 September 2015 Britain’s National Health Service Approves ‘Groundbreaking’ Clinical Trial To Test Cancer-Sniffing Dogs
BBC NEWS, 8 August 2015 The dogs that can help to detect prostate cancer, 3 July 2015 Chris Robshaw and Camilla Kerslake launch rose variety for Macmillan, 2 July 2015 The cancer sniffers: Dogs could be the best tool for diagnosis, 25 June 2015 TV treasure Kate Humble becomes Medical Detection Dogs ambassador, 12 June 2015 Queen’s Birthday Honours recognises heroes from across the community
Mail Online, 3 June 2015 So THAT’S why your cat is such a picky eater: Receptors on their tongues respond in a unique way to bitter tastes
Telegraph Online, 2 June 2015 Could your dog be the next Britain’s Got Talent winner?
Mail Online Press, 2 June 2015 Why do wet dogs stink?
Aljazeera, 22 May 2015 Study says dogs can sniff out certain cancers
Lincolnshire Free Press, 14 May 2015 Peele students get to see wonderful Medical Detection dogs at work
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New Zealand National Radio, 08 May 2015 Originally aired on This Way Up, Saturday 9 May 2015
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Telegraph Online, 27 April 2015 Ovarian cancer: we need better access to BRCA testing, 22 April 2015 This dog could save your life: The pets trained to sniff out diabetes emergencies
Mail Online, 13 April 2015 Prostate cancer breakthrough as test flags up the most aggressive form of the disease
Telegraph Online, 13 April 2015 Are we any closer to early detection of prostate cancer?
The Indian Express, 13 April 2015 Dogs trained to detect prostate cancer with 90% accuracy
Daily Mail, 12 April 2015 Is Camilla’s homemade honey worth the sting of its £20 price tag?
Daily Express, 11 April 2015 Dogs can sniff out prostate cancer in men 98% of the time
Irish Independent, 11 April 2015 Rude health: Have you pyjamas?
Daily Express, 02 April 2015 Camilla to sell honey made by her own bees to raise money for dog charity
Mail Online, 01 April 2015 Camilla honey for sale in Fortnum’s
Evening Standard, 01 April 2015 Fortnum & Mason to stock royal honey from the Duchess of Cornwall’s bees
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Daily Telegraph,17 January 2015 ‘I thought I was so lucky – then the wheels came off’
Daily Telegraph, 04 January 2015 It took me a while to trust a dog – I totally trust her now’

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