Medical Detection Dogs is delighted to have the support of some amazing people and we have a special thank you to the celebrities who help us by promoting our causes and by working with us to help raise vital funds.

Debbie Flint

QVC presenter and author Debbie Flint joined the Medical Detection Dogs team of Ambassadors in 2015 after a chance meeting with one of the charity team at the Moonwalk in London. She holds an annual fundraising event in Wootton, Surrey in May and uses her social media accounts to raise awareness and funds from online raffles and online quiz nights. She has named two puppies after her parents, Derek and Lesley, and is fundraising for commercial grade freezers for the bio detection room.

Debbie says,

“I am humbled to be part of such a phenomenal team. In May several of the QVC presenters took part in the famous London Moonwalk and we were lucky enough to meet Christina Bowden, the charity PR, Marketing and Events Manager and when she found out I have three dogs, she invited me up to HQ. After one trip to Great Horwood to see the incredible work they do I knew I wanted to support this amazing charity.”

Kate Humble

TV presenter Kate Humble first visited the Medical Detection Dogs centre in May 2016. She commented, “I was utterly blown away by my day at Medical Detection Dogs. The work they are doing is extraordinary and, although of course it sounds cliché, truly life-changing. Dr Claire Guest’s story is incredible, and her unshakeable belief in what she is doing and how she and her team are continuing to push boundaries and defy scepticism left me in awe!” Kate added, “I was delighted to be asked to be an ambassador for Medical Detection Dogs and had no hesitation in agreeing.”

Photo by Michael Walter/Troika

Jo Malone

Renowned fragrance entrepreneur Jo Malone was set a challenge when she first visited the Medical Detection Dogs centre: to see if she with her ‘super-sniffer’ nose could come close the odour sensitivity displayed by the charity’s bio detection dogs. She was given five pots, one of which contained the chemical amyl acetate in such a low concentration that most humans would be incapable of detecting it. Jo correctly chose the right pot. “I passed the [odour] test so that made me see my sense of smell in a completely different way. It literally changed my world. It is the most amazing place,” she said of the charity headquarters.

Photo by Michael Walter/Troika

Deborah Meaden

The successful UK entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den investor, who also actively supports a number of environmental charities and initiatives, offered her support to the charity which is pioneering research into the early detection of cancer using the olfactory powers of dogs.

Deborah Meaden, who owns three dogs herself, commented: “I was delighted when Medical Detection Dogs asked me to be an ambassador for a charity that does such fantastic work.

“The research by the team at Medical Detection Dogs has the potential to save thousands of lives and millions of pounds for our NHS. I am incredibly proud to be associated with them.”

Lesley Nicol

Lesley Nicol

I got involved with MDD many years ago now, and like everyone else I was absolutely staggered to see what they have achieved – and continue to do so. It has been a real pleasure to meet and get to know some of the clients who share their lives with these spectacular dogs. The centre is such a special place, just full of love. I will never forget my first visit, when I heard two dogs barking outside the training room – and it didn’t make sense to me, because the whole atmosphere is so happy and upbeat. I was told – don’t worry, they’re not unhappy, they are just dying to get in and start work – how brilliant is that!!

Anne Robinson

The former Weakest Link and Watchdog host, who is a big fan of dogs herself and has her own working cocker spaniel called Ellie, commented: “I am so pleased I was given the opportunity to see what amazing work Medical Detection Dogs do. “This charity is able to save lives and millions for the NHS. I am enormously proud to be associated with it.”

Gill Wright

Gill Wright is known for her portrayal of Mrs Slater in EastEnders and various other roles she has had on TV and film. “I chose to say YES to Medical Detection Dogs after your open day; the impressive and honest speech from Dr Claire Guest, seeing the dogs work, learning the time it takes to train, hearing Claire’s personal story and witnessing Magic alert her during it! Meeting all those who work for Medical Detection Dogs and witnessing unfailing energy and support and love and commitment, I felt there was only one answer to being asked to be an Ambassador! Anything that I can do to help, I’ll gladly do to serve you all!”

Dr Scott Miller

Dr Scott was an aspiring vet since childhood and now has 25 years’ experience as a clinical veterinary surgeon. As well as running three successful small animal practices in London, he’s also the resident vet on ITV ‘s This Morning. It was this TV role which first introduced us to Scott when he came to film a piece about our work. It was clear from the outset how passionate he was about dogs and the impact they can make and he took a keen interest in our super sniffers.

He has since helped us with many other things including some of our live demonstrations at Crufts. He says: “When I first visited MDD, I filmed with a lovely lady called Elspeth, who has multiple seizures every day. Off camera, she was explaining how her assistance dog, Moby, helps her.  Moby then alerted her and I still remember it – it gives me hairs on the back of my neck. Minutes later, she had a full grand mal seizure. It was shocking but 2 things hit home; First when she recovered, she immediately thanked Moby. And secondly, Moby was so pleased with herself! It was amazing to see and I love that there is a lot of positive reinforcement that goes on as part of the training.

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