Current Studies

Here are the current studies being undertaken by the Bio team, and our partner organisations.  The Urological cancers in collaboration with Milton Keynes University Hospital.  Large scale clinical trial working with the nurses and clinicians at MKUH. The Bio detection...

Number of partnerships from April 2019

Current partnerships Qualified In advanced training % Diabetes Alert Dogs % Allergy / Anaphylaxis Alert Dogs % Child Partnerships % Adult Partnerships Volunteer...

Number of Partnerships from August 2018

  Qualified 73 In advanced training 10 Currently 74% Diabetes Alert Dogs 5% Allergy/Anaphylaxis Alert Dogs 25% Child Partnerships 75% Adult Partnerships   Please note that, communication about waiting times for a Medical Alert Assistance Dog has now been...

Here is the Bio Detection countdown of facts!

10 freezers are required to keep all our project samples frozen at the correct temperature. – 9 is the age of the oldest Bio Detection Dog in the department. – 8 weeks is the earliest we will start training with a puppy. – 7 is the average number of...

CRGV, commonly known as ‘Alabama Rot’

Medical Detection Dogs wanted to draw to your attention, if you are not already aware, to Alabama rot, an often fatal, flesh eating disease in dogs, believed to be caught in mud. CRGV, commonly known as ‘Alabama Rot’ is a doggy disease of unknown cause that affects...

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